What role should the UK play?

The UK is already playing a leading role by developing a new model -led by NICE and NHSE&I - which trialled a new way of paying for and investing in antibiotics. The trial resulted in two new antibiotics available to the NHS, and we expect a permanent model to be introduced in 2024.

The ABPI is keen to see that the new model is implemented quickly in all 4 UK nations, not just England. Once the model is implemented, the Government will need to monitor it to see if it actually works as an incentive for new products. .

The UK also previously made antibiotic resistance a centrepiece of its agenda during its G7 presidency and has a 5-year National Action Plan to tackle antimicrobial resistance.

The next version of the National Action Plan is due in 2024. The ABPI hope that this will be supported with funding from the Government to help implementation.

But solving antibiotic resistance needs global leaders to develop and implement solutions around the world so that we can work #TogetherForAntibiotics.>

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What can patient groups do?

If you want to get involved in the ABPI’s #TogetherforAntibiotics campaign, there are lots of opportunities to collaborate.

You can also read more about the issue by downloading our key briefing document

Last modified: 19 January 2024

Last reviewed: 19 January 2024